Problem of the Week - Math

1. The answer is 24. What is the question?

(Younger students, you will probably want to use addition or subtraction. Older ones, let's see some division and multiplication, and brackets and exponents. How many answers can you get?)

2. Play Fraction War:

4. Fraction War

Have kids use scratch paper or whiteboards. Partners each roll two dice to make a fraction. The smaller of the roll should go on top/be the numerator. If the person rolls doubles (same number twice, like two fives), that person automatically wins a point for that round. Once dice are rolled, partners work together to see which fraction is larger. The larger fraction wins.

Variation 1: Once dice are rolled, the person who determines the largest fraction correctly the fastest, wins the point.

Variation 2: Use the more/less coin to determine the winner, once fractions are compared.

Variation 3: Add or multiply the fractions and the person who correctly determines the sum/product first wins.