Math Resources

Math Resources

Great online tutorials are available at Khan Academy. I usually just do a Google search of "khan academy multiplication" for instance, or you can sign up at their site.

Kenken puzzles are a wonderful way to play with Math. Their free site is at:

Want to see how things can go horribly wrong if someone decides "I hate Math"? Even the easy questions become unbelievably hard.

Grocery shopping becomes a useful Math lesson when you talk about budgeting, menu-planning, money and comparison shopping. 

Baking is a perfect way to make Math authentic - there is nothing like using a recipe (and eating cookies) to make fractions, multiplication and division fun.

Battleship is a wonderful game for learning Coordinate Grids.

Chess teaches strategic problem-solving.

A weekly allowance teaches money management - talk to the kids about money, and bills, and mortgages and rent - they will thank you later.

Baseball stats? Fun Math!

Remember - Math is a whole lot of fun when it is real.