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September 2017 Newsletter
Published on Sep 13, 2017 21:45

St. Peter the Apostle School    

15 Silver Birch Court

       Parry Sound, ON P2A 0A8

Phone: 705-746-7196 Fax: 705-746-5165

Principal: Mrs. Pender            Office Administrator: Mrs. Hill                                                                                                              

September News 2017


Welcome to St. Peter the Apostle, a Catholic learning community dedicated to excellence!  

Our Board’s theme for the year is     

As a community of believers let us pray.

God of faithfulness, God ever new,

as we begin this year celebrating  faith,

we are grateful for all you have done for us.

Thank you for calling us each by name and bringing us together in this place.

Help us to remember you created us for community.

May we work together using the gifts and talents you have given each of us

to build a vibrant and welcoming faith-filled school.

Give us hands of faith, that we may serve generously and be nurtured in your light;

a mind of faith, that we may develop wisdom and understanding to discern your will;

a heart of faith that we may love one another as you have loved us.

Fill us with the desire to work together so that all may feel safe and included

as we walk together each day of this year.

We ask this prayer in the name of the One who taught us to pray.  




Sept. 12th ~ CSCC Meeting 6:30pm in Library

Sept. 14th ~ School Opening Mass with Father Jim @ 1:00 pm in the gymnasium. Everyone is welcome to join us!

Sept. 14th ~ Student Information Forms due to office

Sept. 19th ~ Terry Fox Run at 10:45am

Sept. 20th ~ Rain date Terry Fox Run at 10:45am

Sept. 21st ~ Annual BBQ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm (tentative date)

Sept. 27th ~ Photo Day Sept. 28th ~ We Day ( Mrs. Bunker & 9 students to attend!)

Sept. 29th ~ P.A. Day – No classes for students

Dear Parents/Guardians:

I would like to extend a heartfelt welcome to you and your child to the 2017-2018 school year.  I hope that everyone has had a restful summer filled with much joy and laughter despite the weather!  I am looking forward to another successful year – filled with many opportunities for learning and growth both spiritually and academically.  I feel blessed to be a part of the St. Peter the Apostle community and am looking forward to serving our community.

The St. Peter’s staff has been working very hard during the past few weeks in preparation for our school opening and a successful year of learning. Thank you to the teachers who have been preparing their classrooms, to our custodial staff, Mr. Kidd and Mrs. Johns for ensuring that our school is clean and ready for our students, and to Mrs. Hill for setting up our office for the upcoming school year and getting us organized to meet everyone’s needs. We really do appreciate her hard work!

As the year begins, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the new families who have joined our school community. I would also like to introduce and welcome a few new members of the St. Peter staff, Mr. Howard who will be teaching the Music and Prep, Mrs. Mulligan who will be teaching Grade 3 and Mrs. Bunker who will be teaching Grade 8. Please welcome them!

I look forward to meeting you throughout the year and seeing you at our various school events. I welcome the opportunity to work closely with parents, students, staff and community members throughout the 2017-2018 school year to ensure that this is an exciting year of faith-filled learning.

Yours in Catholic Education,

Mrs. J. Pender

Our Daily Schedule:

8:35 am Yard Supervision Begins

8:50 am Entry Bell

8:50 am - 10:10 am Classes

10:10 am - 10:25 am Recess

10:25 am - 11:45 am Classes

11:45 am - 12:35 pm Lunch Break

12:35 pm - 1:55 pm Classes

1:55 pm  -  2:10 pm Recess

2:10 pm  - 3:10 pm Classes

3:10 pm Dismissal

School begins at 8:50 am. Yard supervision is in place from 8:35 am to 8:50 am. For safety reasons, please do not drop off students prior to this time.  Students are reminded to enter the schoolyard at the beginning of the day.  Students arriving after 8:55 am will be required to have their parent/guardian sign them in at the office.

Our Staff:

Ms. Tracy JK/SK

Mrs. Pozzo SK/Gr 1 / Reading Recovery

Mrs. McWhirter Gr 1/2

Mrs. Mulligan Gr 3

Mrs. Turgeon Gr 4

Mr. Skinner Gr 5/6

Mrs. Madden Gr 6/7

Mrs. Bunker Gr 8

Mr. Ashford ~ Resource Teacher

Mme. Seguin ~ French/ Prep

Mr. Howard ~ Music/Prep/Resource

Mrs. Cowan ~ DECE (JK/SK)

Mrs. Arabia ~ Educational Assistant

Mrs. King ~ Educational Assistant

Mrs. Fleetham ~ Educational Assistant

Mrs. MacCoubrey ~ Educational Assistant

Mr. Kidd ~ Chief Custodian

Mrs. Johns ~ Custodian

Mrs. Hill ~ Office Administrator

Mrs. J. Pender ~ Principal

Yellow Student Information Form:

It is essential that the school be provided with current information for your child.  Parents/Guardians are asked to update, sign and return the dated bright yellow Student Information forms to your child’s teacher by Thursday September 14th, 2017.  Thank you in advance!

Student Agendas:

Our staff is committed to helping students with time management, organizational and communication skills.  For this reason, students from Grade JK – 8 have been provided with a school agenda. We hope that you will find it helpful.  Parents/Guardians are asked to review the contents of the agenda with their son/daughter and to sign it daily. Please feel free to use the agenda as a tool to communicate with your child’s teacher and the school throughout the course of the year.  The CSCC has been gracious enough to offset most of the cost of the agenda.  However, we are asking for $5.00 to cover the balance of the cost of the agenda.  Please submit this to your son/daughter’s classroom teacher by the end of the week.

Catholic School Community Council (CSCC):

The Catholic School Community Council meets regularly to discuss school issues. Our objective is to provide a caring, nurturing, educational environment steeped in the Catholic tradition. All parents are welcome to attend. Our first meeting will take place on Tuesday September 12th, 2017 at 6:30 pm in our Library. Special thanks to the CSCC for funding the purchase of the Dash n Dot Robots and Handwriting without Tears for the Primary grades.  Thank you to the present and future members for your commitment to our Catholic school community. For more information, please call Mrs. Hill in the office.

School Mass

Our first school Mass will be held on Thursday September 14th at 1:00 pm at St. Peter the Apostle school in the gymnasium with Father Jim.  Everyone is welcomed to celebrate with us!

Safe Arrival:

In order to ensure the Safe Arrival of every child, we ask that you call the school between 8:00 a.m. and 8:50 a.m. 705-746-7196 to notify us if your child is going to be absent or late from school. When your child returns to school following any absence, a written note of explanation, signed and dated by parents/guardians is requested. This note is to be given to the classroom teacher.  

Important Note: If your child regularly walks to school, it is assumed that he/she will attend class when busses are cancelled due to inclement weather.  If you decide to keep your child home during an inclement weather day, please call the school to report your child’s absence.

Leaving During the Day:

If your child must leave the school for any reason during the school day, please send us a note informing us of the reason for the absence and information regarding the person picking up your child. This note is to be given to the classroom teacher. The adult must pick up the child at the office and sign him/her out using the sign in/out book.

Drop Off/Pick Up:

We ask all parents when dropping off and picking up your children at all times of the day to please use the parking lot and not the bus loading area/fire lane.

Dismissal Routine:

All bussed students will be dismissed from the Primary, Junior and Intermediate exit doors of the school at 3:10 pm.  As in the past, parents/guardians are asked to wait for the busses to depart before coming up the main entrance to meet their child on the front steps.  Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated as we work together to ensure the safety of all.

Crossing Guard:

A crossing guard is located at William Street and Silver Birch Court.  Please be very cautious when driving in this area. We have a number of students who walk to and from school.


During the day, visitors to the school must sign in at the office and obtain a ‘visitor’s pass’.

No Nuts at St. Peter the Apostle:

We have students who have life-threatening nut allergies. We are asking that students’ lunches and snacks be nut-free.

Allergies and Medication:

If you did not alert us that your child has food, environmental or drug allergies, please notify your child’s teacher immediately.

If your child requires any medication to be administered at school, a medication form must be completed and returned to the office. In addition, a new form must be completed each school year. Medication must be given to the school in its original container. All medication must be kept in the office and dispensed from the office. Likewise, life-threatening conditions and reactions must also be updated with the office and an Emergency Plan created and updated yearly.

Eat Well To Excel Morning Snack:

We will continue with our morning snack program to help ensure that every child attends school well nourished and prepared to learn. Food items such as yogurt, granola bars, juice etc. will be provided to students.  This program will get underway later this month. Anyone who is interested in volunteering to assist with our morning snack program is asked to contact the office..


Students eat their lunches in their classroom under the supervision of a teacher or noon hour supervisor. During the lunch hour recess students may not leave the school yard.  If your son/daughter is going home or out for lunch, you are asked to communicate this in the form of a note and submit this to the classroom teacher. We strongly recommend that students do not ‘go out’ for lunch without a parent/guardian as this presents a serious safety concern.


Students will also have the opportunity to purchase either white or chocolate milk for lunch. Orders will be placed each month. More information regarding this program will be distributed at a later date.

Lunch Orders:

Once again, students will have an opportunity to purchase lunches for the month.  An order form will be sent home in the near future.


Bringing Personal Property to School:

We request students not bring valued personal property to school.  This includes video games, MP3 players, cell phones, trading cards, etc. These items can easily be lost or damaged. Please note that the school is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. These items are also often a distraction from the classroom learning environment.  Students should not bring money to school. If your child is required to bring money for school events or activities, i.e., pizza day or field trips, please ensure it remains in your child’s school bag until the teacher collects it first thing in the morning.

Insurance Forms:

Included with this newsletter is a student accident insurance form that parents/guardians may wish to purchase for their children.  If families wish to purchase this insurance, all money, questions and forms should be directed to the insurance provider.

Communication of School Events:

We do our very best to keep you informed of school activities and events. Parents are encouraged to read our monthly newsletters so that they can be informed of upcoming events. The monthly newsletter,  is emailed out each month. Please remember to sign up for the newsletter by visiting the school website If you would like to receive a paper copy, please contact the office.  

Paperless Newsletters:

In an effort to reduce paper consumption, we are encouraging  families to choose to receive the monthly school e-newsletter, instead of a paper version.  If you are interested in receiving the school newsletter via email, please go to our school website to sign up

You can also contact the office and Mrs. Hill will help you with this. Thank you for supporting our efforts to go green!