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Published on Apr 1, 2019 15:02


It is that time of year again where our entire school enjoys the spring and begins our Caverhill training.

If you are interested in training and enjoying time with our students we would love to have you.

Please see the schedule below and come dressed to run.  We will meet outside in the parking lot for warm up and then begin our run.

Just remember, you can always walk too!!!!

We will be warming up outside as a school in the parking lot.  Please encourage your children to wear appropriate clothing and footwear!!!!

April 1to 5th               1:  15pm

April 8 to 12th            11:05 am

April 15 to19th           10:25 am

April 22 to 26th           2:10pm

April 29th May 3rd      12:35pm

Hope to see you out!!!

Paula Madden