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February 14 SPE
Published on Feb 14, 2019 15:41

February 14, 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Shortly after noon today the Ontario Provincial Police placed our school, as well as other schools in Parry Sound, in a hold and secure in order to conduct a search of the area.   A hold and secure is implemented as a precautionary measure due to an external situation (unrelated to the school).

During a hold and secure all exterior doors are locked and access to the school is restricted, but activities and routines continue within the school without disruption.

The Ontario Provincial Police completed their search and advised us that there was no threat and the hold and secure was lifted for all schools at 2:23pm.

The students and staff were safe and secure at all times. Please feel free to contact the school directly should you have any questions or concerns.


Mrs. J. Pender