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27 NOVEMBER 2018
Published on Nov 27, 2018 11:37

PARENTS AND GUARDIANS: A Friendly Reminder about Snow Days/Bus Cancellations

1.  Students who are driven or walks, parents must call in to let us know they will not be attending.  This is a SAFE SCHOOL requirement.  Any students who take the bus do not have to contact the school.

2. Pizza Days on a snow day/bus cancellation move to the next day.

3. If it is a skating day or a day that we are going somewhere on a bus, the event will be cancelled.

Just the regular stuff...

Please take a look at our lost and found and please label all items so we may be able to send them back home.

We are always in need of various sizes of mittens. Send in your mitts so we have give them to our kitts!

No crazy carpets and no hard plastic, only foam sleds are allowed at the school.

Lastly don't forget to pick up your jam it's in the office. Also a big thank you to all staff, students and families who continue to support our school community!