Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Some students want you to know...
Posted on 03/25/2020

Wednesday, March 25

Good morning, everyone. We are all hoping that you are well, and finding ways to make this rare time at home a positive experience. 

Problem of the Week - Math

The answer is 24. What is the question?

(Younger students, you will probably want to use addition or subtraction. Older ones, let's see some division and multiplication, and brackets and exponents. How many answers can you get?) If you feel like sharing, please do so at [email protected] .

Task of the Week - Language

Complete a book report on the book of your choosing. 

Write a letter to someone who may be isolated and/or to whom you feel very grateful, and send it by mail.

Daily Challenge:

Some wonderful examples of student work are being submitted for Daily Challenges #1 and #2. Thank you for that. A special shout out goes to Emma W., Nick S., Leea S-A, Jonathan T, and the bakers of Mrs. Madden’s class. You’ll see some of the fine work coming in tomorrow. (Still time to submit Challenges #1 and #2!

Here is Challenge #3:

So… what have you been doing with your time? Let us know via letter, cartoon, email or video. Be creative. Use any medium you like - no limits. Submit your work to [email protected] .

Here is a message from Rachel Inglis, Cooper Penfold and Zoey Tiveron, students who are heading up the Earth Hour campaign.Switch off the lights for one hour at home. (See for info.):

“Earth Hour is on Saturday, March 28 at 8:30 p.m. 


We want to know how you spent your Earth Hour energy-free. Write a one page essay of what you did! Best essay wins a trophy!! (Winning essay will be selected by the Green Team)


  • No stealing other people’s work

  • No screens allowed during Earth Hour - it is lights out!

  • Think of fun things or ideas of what you could do during Earth Hour.

  • No copying work you find online.

  • No taking copywrite-protected work”