Monday, March 30

Monday, March 30
Posted on 03/30/2020
Good morning!

So.... did you participate in Earth Hour this weekend? The Green Team would love to hear about it in a paragraph or a full essay. Tell us what you did, and the impact your actions had. [email protected]

Please check out the new SMCDSB Learn at Home Resources: Challenge #6 (and this is a big one that will probably take longer than a day):

The Autobiography

In elementary school, my son was asked to create an autobiography. Rather than simply do an essay, he chose to create a scrapbook - full of photographs, and little notes and newspaper clippings and little envelopes holding notes to him from family members, written to him for the project. He stuffed that scrapbook full of song lyrics and tie-ins to favourite movies, and to this day, the scrapbook is a treasured family item. 

You are invited to create a scrapbook. The sections below are just suggestions. Create your own headings for pages. Make this project absolutely your own. Get creative. (I have to say, the most meaningful section continues to be the little letters written to my son from family members, some of whom have now passed away, so I would highly recommend including that section.) 

 If you don’t yet have access to a scrapbook, you can use a photo album, or create the pages ready to paste into a scrapbook when you can get one. My son used a double page spread for each section, but hey - they is YOUR scrapbook.

These sections for your scrapbook are only guidelines - make it your own.

  1. In the beginning.... 

Where did it happen? How heavy were you? How tall? Are there any family stories about you being born?

  1. What’s in a name?

What is your full name? What does it mean? How did you get your name (why did your family choose it)?

  1. When I was little…

Describe some of the things that happened to you when you were small (before school). What was your first word? What did you like to do most? Who was your first babysitter? What were some of your family’s traditions? Do you remember your first visit to the dentist?

  1. School Days

Describe school, and your favourite teacher(s), friends, and activities.

  1. I Am Me

Invite members of your family to write letters to and about you  - what do they like most about you? Keep these in little envelopes in this section of the scrapbook.

  1. We Are A Part Of Every Person

Describe each member of your family. What do they like? What do you learn from each person? What do you do together?

  1. You Light Up My Life

Describe the person who has had the greatest influence on you.

  1. I Can Change The World

How do you think you can change the world for the better?

  1. Feelings

What things make you angry? Worried? Afraid? Sad? Happy? Hopeful? 

What does the word friendship mean to you? What is life? 

  1. Things I love to do.

  1. Pet Peeves

  1. I Like People Who…..

  1. The person I am closest to is….

  1. When I grow up, I want to be….

  1. My happiest day ever was…

  1. I have travelled to….

  1. Describe your life, and how you would like it to be.