April 14, 2020 - Settling In

The Long Haul
Posted on 04/14/2020
It is our hope that you had moments of joy over the Easter Weekend. I saw so many creative ways of celebrating - vans driving up to a Grandmother's house, and kids waving signs of love and "missing you". Online Mass. Zoom family celebrations. We may not be able to be together in person, but as I saw, this does not mean that we cannot be together. We just need to get creative.

Now, as we settle in for the long haul, we hope that you are getting exactly what you need from your school. Please reach out with ideas and comments - things that we could see or correct or celebrate in person are much more challenging at a distance. We want, so much, to be the very best example of grace under pressure, providing you with everything you need. We welcome your input.

After a very quiet Easter weekend, I realized that this could be a time when we finally do that thing that we have been meaning to do for years. What is it that you have always longed to do? Learn to play a musical instrument? Dance? Finally create that scrapbook from the box of photos? Learn to bake? 

Share your goals and efforts by emailing [email protected]