Peace Week November 18-22, 2019

Peace Week (in place of Anti-bullying Week)
Posted on 11/12/2019

Peace Week



Monday – Peace within myself

Tuesday – Peace within my family and close circle of friends

Wednesday – Peace within my class and school community

Thursday - Peace within my community

Friday – Peace within my world




This week, students are encouraged to “feed all four” and do activities addressing their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional needs. Continued practice of these balancing activities will lead to greater overall health and self-esteem, and thereby increased academic success.


Physical Health includes such things as learning the importance of physical activity, good nutrition, restful sleep, management of stress, and finding joy in life.


Mental Health includes character development, service to others, and an awareness that each of us is a gift from God.


Spiritual Health includes faith, social justice and service to others.


Emotional Health includes having and giving love, and finding joy in life.